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Slot Z Way

Auf feinen Standort (z. B GPS) zugreifen; Auf Informationen über Wi-Fi-Netzwerke zugreifen. Alle Applikationsrechte. Entwickler kontaktieren. Mit. Ein slot für eine 2,5″ SATA HDD ist ebenfalls vorhanden. Dune4k Media Player mit Z-Wave. Besonders interessant für den Bereich Smart. Dabei wurden wir auf " Rent a Segway" aufmerksam. Wir haben lange nicht mehr so viel spass beim Sightseeing gehabt. Nach kurzer Einweisung vom​.

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Juega Con Jugadas Gratis Al Registarte + Bono Del % Hasta €. Ver Términos 18+. Download Slots Zeus Way: Spielautomaten für Android auf Aptoide! Keine Extra-​Kosten. Nutzerbewertung für Slots Zeus Way: 5. Auf feinen Standort (z. B GPS) zugreifen; Auf Informationen über Wi-Fi-Netzwerke zugreifen. Alle Applikationsrechte. Entwickler kontaktieren. Mit. Unterstützte Sprachen: Englisch. Diese App benötigt die Berechtigung zum Zugriff auf: Auf groben Standort (z. B. Zellen-ID, Wi-Fi) zugreifen; Auf feinen Standort. Ein slot für eine 2,5″ SATA HDD ist ebenfalls vorhanden. Dune4k Media Player mit Z-Wave. Besonders interessant für den Bereich Smart. Eine SLOT-Boje (englisch: „Submarine-Launched One-Way Transmitter Buoy“ oder auch Die SLOT-Boje ist z. B. Bestandteil der Kommunikationsausrüstung​. Dabei wurden wir auf " Rent a Segway" aufmerksam. Wir haben lange nicht mehr so viel spass beim Sightseeing gehabt. Nach kurzer Einweisung vom​.

Slot Z Way

이 이 30 17 | | 이어 3 이 이 40/10) oli ololpfen lor | qñ pf F | | 아이 | 이 이이 Tool 25 | 0 이 이이 4 | 이 | 이 이어 3 31 31 1 9 0 1 mc mic slot qñ & \ lot! lo 이. Auf feinen Standort (z. B GPS) zugreifen; Auf Informationen über Wi-Fi-Netzwerke zugreifen. Alle Applikationsrechte. Entwickler kontaktieren. Mit. Bild von Rent a Segway Style, Kopenhagen: Camilla on the Z-WAY Nyhavn 42 - Schauen Sie sich authentische Fotos und Videos von.


Z-Way webinar series: Introduction to Z-Way Home Automation Each theme, brings different bonus games, plenty of free spins, amazing graphics! Erlebnisdatum: Juli Übersetzung bewerten. Apps wie Slots Zeus Way: Spielautomaten. Sunmaker Online Casino Gewinnausschuttung schreibt die News auf siio. Berechtigungen 9 Detaillierte Informationen. Akzeptieren Datenschutzerklärung. Da die Boje durch ihre Sendetätigleit die Spielekostenlos.De des Gegners auf sich zieht kann sie auch als Täuschkörper genutzt werden, da sie U-Jagd Kräfte anzieht und zeitlich begrenzt bindet, wodurch an anderer Stelle Lücken in der Aufstellung des Gegners entstehen können, die von befreundeten Kräften genutzt werden können. Download Casino Royale Zweck der SLOT-Boje ist es, einen Kommunikationsweg von einzelnen, getauchten, meist militärischen U-Booten zu ihren übergeordneten militärischen oder zivilen Organisationen zu eröffnen. Ausgewählte Filter. Apps wie Slots Zeus Way: Spielautomaten. War letztes Wochenende in Kopenhagen und habe mit Freunden die Stadt erkundet. Zotac-Boxen zu vergleichbaren Preisen — aber deutlich leistungsfähiger. Das coolste und e-z-Weg von Kopenhagen zu sehen! David H hat im Juli eine Bewertung geschrieben.

The polydrive screw drive, also known as RIBE , [63] is spline-shaped with rounded ends in the fastener head. The tool has six flat teeth at equal spacing; the sizes are determined by the diameter of the star points.

Its primary advantage over older screw drives is that it resists cam out. It is used primarily in the automotive industry in high-torque applications, such as brakes and driveshafts.

There are specialty fastener companies that make unusual, proprietary head designs, such as Slot-Lok and Avsafe. For further security, there are custom-designed fastener heads requiring matching drivers available only from the manufacturer and only supplied to registered owners, similar to keyed locks.

The Ultra-Lok, and Ultra-Lok II are some of these designs that use custom keyed drivers, which tend to be confined to industrial and institutional uses that are unavailable to the average layperson.

Key-Rex screws are another design, and are used in such things as ballot boxes and bank vaults. One example familiar to laypersons is for the attachment of wheels and spare tires of passenger vehicles to deter theft; one of the lug nuts on each wheel may require a specialized socket provided with the set of lug nuts.

Similar security fasteners are also available for bicycle wheels and seats. A security hex screw drive features an extruded pin to make the fastener more tamper resistant by inserting a pin in the fastener screw drive, requiring a tool with a corresponding hole to drive the fastener.

This can also prevent attempts at turning the screw with a small flat-bladed screwdriver. A security Torx screw drive is a common modification to socket and cruciform style drives to make the fastener more tamper resistant by inserting a pin in the fastener screw drive, requiring a tool with a corresponding hole to drive the fastener.

The spanner [66] or Snake-Eyes trademarked [67] screw drive uses two round holes sometimes two slots; the same driver bits work in both types opposite each other and is designed to prevent tampering.

Other informal names include pig nose , drilled head or twin hole. The driving tool is called a "spanner driver" or "spanner screwdriver" [69] in the US, and a "pin spanner" in the UK.

The US military's M17 and M18 service pistols variants of the SIG Sauer P use spanner screws to dissuade disassembly of the handgun beyond normal field maintenance except by the authorized armorer, they have also been used previously for reinforcement screws on the M14 in order to secure the front locking tab on the magazine well, and are commonly found on the recoil lug of surplus rifles.

The knife and gun manufacturer Microtech uses a variation of this with 3 round holes arranged in a triangle shape. The camera company Leica Camera has used versions of this on rewind knobs and other levers on their rangefinder cameras.

The spline flange screw drive has twelve splines in the fastener and tool. The spline drive was part of the obsolete, U. Spline drives were specified for 5, 6.

Torq-set is a cruciform screw drive used in torque-sensitive applications. The Torq-set head is similar in appearance to a Phillips drive in that it has a cross with 4 arms.

In Torq-set however, the lines are offset from each other, so they do not align to form intersecting slots across the top of the head.

Because of this, a regular Phillips or flat-blade screwdriver will not fit the head. It is used in military and aerospace applications.

The ribbed version is also known as ACR Torq-set. The TA is a type of screw drive that uses a triangle-shaped recess in the screw head. This drive can restrict access to the device internals but can readily be driven with hex keys.

These screws are often found in children's toys from fast food restaurants, as well as vacuum cleaners, fan heaters, elevators , camping stoves, golf clubs, Breville kettles and Master Locks, among others, Sizes include TA14, TA18, TA20, TA23 and TA The TP or Y-type security screw drive is similar to the Phillips screw head, but with three points rather than four.

These specialized screws are usually used on electronics equipment, including some Nintendo handheld hardware, Sanyo and Kyocera cellular telephones, and Fuji digital cameras.

TP3 sometimes referred to as tri-lobe or tri-lobular uses a Reuleaux triangle -shaped recess in the screw head, to make it semi-secure because it cannot be driven by a flat-blade screwdriver [78] and is not readily driven, as Tri-angle is, by hex keys.

It is used on fast food promotional toys and video games, die-cast toys, and some Roomba battery packs. Tri-groove or T-groove is a design for a security screw with a flat-topped conical head and three short radial slots that do not join in the center.

The tri-wing , also known as triangular slotted , is a screw with three slotted "wings" and a small triangular hole in the center.

Unlike the "tri-point" fastener, the slots are offset, and do not intersect the center of the fastener. A version with left-hand threads is called an Opsit screw, where unscrewing can be done by turning the screwdriver clockwise, which is the opposite of tri-wing and regular screws.

The design was adopted by some parts of the aerospace industry, led by Lockheed in the early s on the L , but met with mixed results due to complaints of insert damage during installation.

British Aerospace and Airbus are also users of this fastener. In the present day it is usually seen on electronics equipment. A U-drive screw has a helical thread with an angle acute enough to be driven by a hammer, and thus has a domed head with no means of turning it.

There are various other ways to categorize screw drives. One way is by shape of the fastener screw drive:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia list article. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. June Main article: Hex key.

Main article: Torx. Retrieved Instructables: share what you make. Popular Mechanics. Cracking the Asvab.

New York: Random House. Audiocraft Magazine : 7. April Industrial Press, Inc. Archived from the original PDF on 8 September Retrieved 8 September Fine Homebuilding.

Globe Pequot Press. US Patent and Trademark Office. US Government. Retrieved 28 February John Wiley and Sons. New York [u.

Virginia Tech Digital Library and Archives. Virginia Tech. Lay summary. Screws and Fasteners Ltd. Archived from the original on Archived from the original on February 22, Retrieved 23 August Furniture Projects for the Deck and Lawn.

Robertson Inc. Retrieved 28 September Caledonia: Along the Grand River. Boing Boing. The Register. Retrieved July 5, Phillips Fastener.

McMaster-Carr: Vintage Trailer Supply. Readers Digest. Wiha Tools USA. Loss Prevention Fasteners. Ultra Fasteners Inc.

Bureau of Naval Personnel Tools and Their Uses. Courier Dover Publications. Ribe Verbindungstechnik. American National Standards Institute. Screw drive systems.

Garred 3 Zinc. Thanks, Garred. However I did say that I've already tried the disk management tool. The SD slot, although it works perfectly, doesn't show up in disk management.

It doesn't show up in two other Inspiron's I've seen either, so I presume this is a peculiarity, not a fault.

If you were to change the Network Drive F: to something else for the moment, will the SD card then show up as drive F:?

With the network drive on a different drive letter, can you then change the SD card to another drive letter?

No, the SD slot doesn't show up in disk management at all, not even when I'm a local user and not logged in to the network and with no network drives showing.

And that applies whether or not there's an SD card in the slot. When I remove the card, the drive disappears from Windows Explorer, but I presume it's supposed to do that.

Since it's the same with another Inspiron I've tried, I presume this is a design flaw. I guess I was wondering if it's possible to tweak the registry somehow, but I've looked through the registry for all possible occurrences of 'SD' or 'Secure Digital' in keys, and there's nothing applicable.

After your first couple of deposits, a casino considers you ' a loyal player. To do that, they will give you anything you want as long as your requests are reasonable, of course.

If winning at slots is your goal, use the live support chat to ask for free spins. Don't be shy.

There's no shame in asking for a casino bonus, especially if you have been playing on a site for a while already. Of course, make sure you do check the wagering requirements and the terms and conditions connected to your bonus.

The wagering requirements indicate how many times you need to wager the amount of the bonus before you can withdraw the money you win on slots or any other real cash payout games.

The rule of thumb is that the lowest the wagering requirements are, the better a bonus is for you. Keep an eye also on any mentions of the so-called ' caps on winnings.

It's no secret that the best offers are those with no wagering requirements and no cap on winnings — but, boy, are those ones hard to find!

Isn't this what everyone is after? A get-rich-quick scheme that teaches you how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay and help you win every time?

While you can find out which slot machines pay the best by comparing the payout tables of different games, there are no secrets to winning on slot machines by understanding how to tell if a fruit machine is going to pay out soon.

Basic probability theory would suggest that a slot that didn't pay out for a long time is probably going to hit soon — but there is no evidence to support this claim.

Knowing how to read slot machines means to understand that each spin is a separate game that is not connected to the previous or the future ones.

Some claim that casinos have slots pay more at night or that slot machines hit more often at certain times of the day. There isn't a 'best time' to play slots at the casino.

And there is no way for you to tell when a slot machine is ready to hit and it is going to pay out. Now that you know the secrets to play slot machines and all the essential slot tips that can help you improve your chances, it's time for… one more thing.

It's time to look at what are the best slot machines to play in — if you want to win at slots, of course. We have seen how casino slot machine secrets show that the best way to win at slot games is to combine a high RTP best winning odds with the best payout.

With these slot machine secrets exposed, here's a list of the best slot machines to play right now:. To get the chance to win at slots, you should only play games on licenses online casinos that run platforms audited by independent authorities.

To win at slots on a single spin, you can only choose the size of your bet and spin the reels. The game's RTP is what determines if you win money or not.

Albeit those are more commonly used on table games, you can follow strategies like the Paroli or the Martingale betting system.

These systems and betting patterns help you to minimise variance and play for long-term results. Both short-term and long-term strategies are the same in all types of slots - let them be in Vegas, Atlantic City, Europe, or online.

There is no system, strategy, or secret to win at slots every time you play. Jon Hiram Friedl Jr indicate that there is no surefire strategy or secrets to winning on slot machines every time.

These are the games where you get the highest winning chances and more player have big wins on these slots. The sum of the payout depends on the combination you line up on the screen and the size of your bet.

The maximum win on slots varies from one game to the other. Progressive Slots are the games with the highest possible wins — but also the most expensive ones to play.

There is no mathematical approach to predict when a slot is about to pay and how often you can win at slots.

The Random Number Generator RNG makes every spin independent from all the ones that preceded it and the ones that will follow. Famous chaos theorists argue that patterns can be found also in the ways the slot's RNGs determine the combinations and Slots can be solved.

However, such patterns haven't been identified yet. Over the past 15 years, I spent most of my time studying different casino games to improve my gambling knowledge and figure out ways to help people enjoy their time on the casino floor.

This guide on how to pick winning slot machines and the slots tips in it are one of the reasons I have even been nominated for an international gambling award.

Disclaimer: Gambling is a game of chance and there's no sure-fire formula that guarantee winnings. You can improve your winning chances by using the right in-game strategies but there is no way to predict when a machine or a Casino game is going to pay.

Also, this page contains affiliate links. If you click through and play, we might earn a commission. Updated on: by Giovanni Angioni. What is a ' winning slot machine '?

No one can predict when a slot is about to pay. These are the games that, theoretically, pay more often. How Slots Work Knowing how slot machines work is the first step to learn the best slots secrets and tips to improve your chances to win.

Because that's not going to happen.

이 이 30 17 | | 이어 3 이 이 40/10) oli ololpfen lor | qñ pf F | | 아이 | 이 이이 Tool 25 | 0 이 이이 4 | 이 | 이 이어 3 31 31 1 9 0 1 mc mic slot qñ & \ lot! lo 이. Bild von Rent a Segway Style, Kopenhagen: Camilla on the Z-WAY Nyhavn 42 - Schauen Sie sich authentische Fotos und Videos von. Vertrauenswürdige App. Auto spin! Ausgewählte Filter. Slots Jocuri Online Gratis Book Of Ra Deluxe Way Spielautomaten. David H hat im Juli eine Bewertung geschrieben. Kopenhagen, Dänemark 45 Beiträge 12 "Hilfreich"-Wertungen. Die coolste Sache in Kopenhagen. Es werden neue Symbole herunterfallen, wodurch du weitere Gewinnchancen erhältst. Mehr lesen.

Slot Z Way CNC Fundamentals Video

Z-Way webinar series: Introduction to Z-Way Home Automation What is the lowest and highest denomination for slots in Colorado? Cash out. Developed on cutting edge hardware, Fu Dai Lian Foucault Blog builds on the trend of metamorphic indicators with three bags in top screen tied to three unique features. For this reason, cruciform-slotted along with drives have replaced the Casino Geburtstagsparty drive in numerous applications. Videoslots Read Review. You can help by adding to it. Ameristar is the largest casino hotel in Black Hawk, offering more than 1, slots Satzzeichen Figuren video poker machines and a high-roller slot lounge.

And that's illegal. When you do that, casinos don't pay you. If there's no system to beat slots or surefire way to win at slots every time you play, how do you actually pick a winning slot machine?

Knowing how slot machines work is the first step to learn the best slots secrets and tips to improve your chances to win. Despite the popularity of these games, slots are not easy to beat both when you play them on the best online casinos and at land-based slots rooms.

Slots are games of chance. You should not approach them thinking that you need to find the right strategy to win big every time you play.

If you are new to the game and concepts like ' Return to Player ' RTP , ' winning odds ' and ' paylines ' sound foreign to you, you better go back to the basics and learn how to play online slots.

The secret to improving your winning chances is rather simple. It doesn't require you to pony up big bucks or buy expensive made up slots winning systems.

Since slot machines and fruit machines are games of chance where the casino has an advantage over you, you can't use casino math to figure out how to win every time.

You can use a few proven slot machine tips that work to give yourself the best odds. Once you know what to do, you'll know how to pick a slot machine to play.

The slot machine tips that follow are the result of a survey we conducted at brick-and-mortar casinos and on a dedicated slots channel on a trending Reddit community.

Some might sound obvious to you, especially if you are an experienced player. Others might help you increase even more your chances to win at slots the next time you play.

Finding the best slots to play is a combination of luck, patience, and a good knowledge of all the most effective casino slot machine secrets.

In this part of my guide on how to pick a winning slot machine, we go through the five most essential slots tips every player should use.

Elements like the slot themes, graphics, and jackpots are the least important to consider when you want to pick a slot machine.

The most important tip to win at slots is to pick the games with the highest RTP. These are the slots with the best odds. The number connected to the RTP shows the percentage of total wins, over the total stakes played.

The RTP is expressed on a scale from 1 to , with being your best option a very loose slot and 1 being the RTP of a slot you will nearly never beat.

It is known as theoretical payout percentage or RTP return to player. Since there are no games with an RTP of , you'll have to settle for something lower than that.

In general, any slot machine with an RTP of Once you have compiled a list of the slot machines with the best odds, you can use the slots chart below to pick a winning slot machine to play.

Combining games with a high RTP with all the elements in the ' What to look for ' column is a pro slots tip that will help you win a lot more often.

In case you are not familiar with all the important elements on this list, let's examine them one by one. Volatility: the volatility of an online slot machine indicates the risk connected to that specific game.

This determines how much and how often a player can win on a slot. Before you start your journey to beating slot games, make sure the limits you play are in line with the amount of money you can afford to gamble, aka.

Payouts: you should always know how much you can expect to win whether you play a popular game or a loose slot machine.

The paytable is included in each game and it features all the info you need to know about the different winning combinations and the connected payouts.

Developers: while this won't help you to beat slot machines or to increase your chances of winning, you want to use your money only on games by trusted and licensed developers.

If you start to play the most popular slot games for real money, you need to set three important rules:. The one about the bankroll is easy.

Some time ago, I wrote a guide that explains how much money to bring to a casino where you find lots of useful tips to play slots and other games.

Every time you open an online casino site or you go to a brick-and-mortar one , you need to know exactly how much money you are going to spend on your games.

New players often make the mistake of counting on lucky free spins and random charms. Next thing they know, their casino fun is over before it even starts, because they ran out of money.

The upper limit. If you win the amount of money you set before your session started, stop right there and enjoy your winnings.

There's a good chance that your stroke of luck will end, and you will some of the money you just won on slots.

The lower limit. Obviously, you also need to stop if you hit the lower limit. If your luck isn't with you this time, there's no reason to insist.

And no, the next spin is not going to be the lucky one. Even if you really feel it. Here's an extra bonus tip: if you have a hard time quitting, you have a problem.

A certain amount of sweeps coins, also known as sweepstakes credits, are included with purchases of gold coins as a gift, which can be used to play sweepstakes games at sites like Chumba Casino or LuckyLand Slots.

Those gold coins can be used for play money casino games, and the sweeps coins are used to play sweepstakes games. LuckyLand Slots only has an Android app, which must be downloaded directly from their website.

The old days of mechanical reel slot machines have all but been replaced with digital, computer-controlled versions, even though the basic principles of the games remain the same.

Old-school slot machines typically had just 3 reels and were operated by a lever on the side of the machine, with only a handful of winning combinations.

These machines had very few bells and whistles. Line up the same symbols in a row to win. Going back even further and slots were played with physical coins, huge piles of which were also dispensed when a player hit a win.

Players decide how much they want to wager per spin and hit the button. The reels spin and stop after a second or two.

If the symbols line up on the pay line, the player wins according to the paytable, which is typically on display above the reels. The truth about slot machines is they run on what are called random number generators.

These are programs capable of generating thousands of number combinations per second. As soon as you press the button or pull the lever on a slot machine, your fate is sealed.

Random number generators work in such a way that each spin of the reels is an independent mathematical event, unconnected in any way to past or future spins.

On any given spin of the reels, you have an equal chance of winning a jackpot as on any other spin. Generally speaking, the higher the denomination, the better your odds of winning.

This percentage is calculated over tens of thousands of spins if not more, however, so take it with a grain of salt.

Some machines have bonus games that only will trigger if you bet above a certain threshold for each spin, so be sure that amount is within your budget if you want to play for bonus games.

Slots with progressive jackpots usually highlighted on a separate screen on top of the machine also generally have worse odds than non-progressive machines.

Not every casino in the state offers table games, but they all have slots. Slot machines these days come in a wide variety of game types, many based on a familiar show or movie.

All slots have the pay tables on prominent display, so be sure to consult them to find the best payouts in your preferred betting threshold.

As far as your chances of winning a jackpot go, slot machines run using random number generators, so each spin is an independent mathematical event.

They are strictly games of chance. Colorado Slots. Written By: Hope Hammond. Where can I play slot machines in Colorado?

How old do I have to be to play Colorado slot machines? It is a later development by the same company. The description of the Pozidriv head applies also to Supadriv.

While each has its own driver, [26] the same screwdriver heads may be used for both types without damage; for most purposes it is unnecessary to distinguish between the two drives.

Pozidriv and Supadriv screws are slightly different in detail; the later Supadriv allows a small angular offset between the screw and the screwdriver, while Pozidriv has to be directly in line.

In detail, the Supadriv screwhead is similar to Pozidriv but has only two identification ticks, and the secondary blades are larger. Drive blades are about equal thickness.

The main practical difference is in driving screws into vertical surfaces: that close to a near vertical surface to drive the screws into the drivers, Supadriv has superior bite, making screwdriving more efficient, with less cam out.

Phillips II recesses are compatible with Phillips drivers, but have a vertical rib in between the cruciform recesses that interacts with horizontal ribs on a Phillips II driver to create a stick-fit, and to provide anti cam-out properties the ribs are trademarked as "ACR" for Anti Cam-out Ribs.

It is often found in marine hardware and requires a Frearson screwdriver or bit to work properly. The tool recess is a perfect, sharp cross, allowing for higher applied torque, unlike the rounded, tapered Phillips head, which can cam out at high torque.

It was developed by an English inventor named Frearson in the 19th century and produced from the late s to the mids.

Company of Worcester, Massachusetts, was put into bankruptcy in and liquidated in A cross-head screw with a two-step driver design, with the blade diameter stepping up at a distance from the point.

The Mortorq drive, developed by the Phillips Screw Company, is a format used in automotive [30] and aerospace applications.

It is designed to be a lightweight, low-profile and high-strength drive, with full contact over the entire recess wing, reducing risk of stripping.

Both the tool and the socket have a slight taper. Originally to make the manufacture of the screws practical using cold forming of the heads, [13] : 79—81 this taper provides two other advantages which have served to popularize the drive: it makes inserting the tool easier, and tends to help keep the screw on the tool tip without the user needing to hold it there.

Robertson screws are commonplace in Canada , though they have been used elsewhere [13] : 85—86 and have become much more common in other countries.

As patents expired and awareness of their advantages spread, Robertson fasteners have become popular in woodworking and in general construction.

Robertson screwdrivers are easy to use one-handed, because the tapered socket tends to retain the screw, even if it is shaken. The socket-headed Robertson screws are self-centering, reduce cam out , stop a power tool when set, and can be removed if painted over or old and rusty.

The internal-wrenching square socket drive for screws as well as the corresponding triangular socket drive was conceived several decades before the Canadian P.

Robertson invented the Robertson screw and screwdriver in and received the Canadian patent in CA , U. Patent 1,, for a manufacturing machine. An earlier patent covering both square-socket- and triangle-socket -drive wood screws, U.

However, as with other clever drive types conceived and patented in the s through s, it was not manufactured widely if at all during its patent lifespan due to the difficulty and expense of doing so at the time.

Today, cold forming by stamping in a die is still the common method used for most screws sold, although rotary broaching is also common now. Linear broaching to cut corners into a drilled hole similar to the action of a mortising machine for woodworking has also been used less commonly over the decades.

Robertson had licensed the screw design to a maker in England, but the party that he was dealing with intentionally drove the licensee company into bankruptcy and purchased the rights at a reduced price from the trustee, thus circumventing the original agreement.

When Henry Ford tried out the Robertson screws, he found that they saved considerable time in Model T production, but when Robertson refused to license the screw design, Ford realized that the supply of screws would not be guaranteed and chose to limit their use in production to Ford's Canadian division.

The restriction of licensing of Robertson's internal-wrenching square may have sped the development of the internal-wrenching hexagon , although documentation of this is limited.

A new variation of the Robertson drive is the Nüvo Drive System, in which the screws are compatible with Robertson drive tools, but the screws have rounded lobes that, when used with Nüvo drivers, "dramatically reduce wobbling and stripping out, enabling single-handed operation".

The design is similar to a square drive Robertson , but can be engaged at more frequent angles by the driver bit. The name derives from overlaying three equal squares to form such a pattern with 12 right-angled protrusions a pointed star.

The design is similar to that of the double-square —in both cases, the idea being that it resembles a square Robertson but can be engaged at more frequent angles by the driver bit.

These screws can be driven with standard Robertson bits. Despite the similar naming scheme to metric fasteners, there is no correlation between the name of the size and the dimensions of the tool.

In practice, drivers for the fasteners may or may not interchange, but should be examined carefully for proper fit before application of force.

A hex key should not be used where a key of square cross-section is the correct fit. Triple-square drive fasteners have been used in high-torque applications, such as cylinder head bolts and drive train components.

The fasteners involved have heads that are hardened and tempered to withstand the driving torque without destroying the star points. The hex socket screw drive has a hexagonal recess and may be driven by a hex wrench , also known as an Allen wrench , Allen key , hex key , or inbus as well as by a hex screwdriver also known as a hex driver or bit.

Tamper-resistant versions with a pin in the recess are available. In many countries it is commonly but incorrectly called "i m bus".

Double hex is a screw drive with a socket shaped as two coaxial offset hex recesses; it can be driven by standard hex key tools.

The shape resembles triple square and spline screw drives, but they are incompatible. The radial "height" of each arris is reduced, compared to a six-point, although their number is doubled.

They are potentially capable of allowing more torque than a six-point, but greater demands are placed on the metallurgy of the heads and the tools used, to avoid rounding off and slippage.

The pentalobe screw drive often mistaken for 5-point torx screw drives is a five-pointed tamper-resistant system being implemented by Apple in its products.

Inexpensive pentalobe screwdrivers, manufactured by third parties, are relatively easy to obtain. The TS designation is ambiguous as it is also used for a Torq-set screw drive.

This recess is optimized to fit on the threaded end of aerospace fasteners. These fasteners allow for tightening the nut and holding the bolt simultaneously, on the same side of the structure, by only one operator.

The tamper-resistant variant of Torx Plus, [47] sometimes called Torx Plus Security , is a five-lobed variant, with a center post. It is used for security as the drivers are uncommon.

It was designed to permit increased torque transfer from the driver to the bit compared to other drive systems. The drive was developed in [48] by Camcar Textron.

A tamper-resistant Security Torx head has a small pin inside the recess. Owing to its six-fold symmetry, a Torx driver can also be used as an improvised substitute for a hex driver, although careful sizing is critical to prevent stripping the socket.

Torx Plus is an improved version of Torx that extends tool life even further and permits greater torque transfer compared to Torx.

An External Torx version exists, where the screw head has the shape of a Torx screwdriver bit, and a Torx socket is used to drive it. A further improvement over Torx Plus.

Torx ttap is a version of Torx that reduces wobbling between the fastener and the tool, and is backward compatible with standard hexalobular tools.

Some screws have heads designed to accommodate more than one kind of driver, sometimes referred to as combo-head or combi-head.

The idea is that first screwdriver out of the toolbox is used, and the user does not have to waste valuable time searching for the correct driver.

Some screwdriver manufacturers solve this problem offer matching screwdrivers and call them "Modulo", "Plus-minus", or "contractor screwdrivers", although the original concept of not needing to search for a particular driver is defeated.

Other combinations are a Phillips and Robertson, a Robertson and a slotted, a Torx and a slotted and a triple-drive screw that can take a slotted, Phillips or a Robertson.

While a standard Phillips or Robertson tool can be used, there is also a dedicated tool for it that increases the surface area between the tool and the fastener so it can handle more torque.

The Recex drive system claims it offers the combined non-slip convenience of a Robertson drive during production assembly and Phillips for after market serviceability.

A combined slotted and Torx drive screw was used in electronics manufacturing. For example, Compaq used this type to combine the benefits of Torx in manufacturing and the commonality of flat drive in field repair situations.

The slot was closed on the ends to prevent the flat-blade tool from slipping out sideways and damaging nearby electronics.

There are two types of clutch screw drives: Type A and Type G. Type A, also known as a "standard clutch", resembles a bow tie , with a small circular "knot" at the center.

These were common in GM automobiles, trucks and buses of the s and s. Type G resembles a butterfly, and lacks the center "knot".

This type of screw head is commonly used in the manufacture of mobile homes and recreational vehicles. A thumbscrew is a type of screw drive with either a tall head and ridged or knurled sides, or a key-like flat sided vertical head.

They are intended to be tightened and loosened by hand, and not found in structural applications.

They are sometimes also cut for Phillips head or slotted screwdrivers as well as having the knurl for finger grip.

ASME They can be found on many computer cases , and in other locations where easy access without tools is desired. External drives are characterized by a female tool and a male fastener.

An advantage of external drive fasteners is that they lack a recess in the head, which can collect water, dirt, or paint, which can interfere with later insertion of a driver tool.

Also, some external drives can be engaged from the side, without requiring large inline clearance for tool access, which allows their use in tight spaces such as engines or complex pipework.

Because the heads must stand out from the surface they attach to, they are rarely available in countersunk or flush designs. A square screw drive uses four-sided fastener heads which can be turned with an adjustable wrench , open-end wrench , or 8- or point [54] sockets.

Common in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when it was easier and cheaper to manufacture than most other drives, it is less common today although still easy to find because the external hex is now cost-competitive and allows better access for wrenching despite nearby obstructions.

A hex screw drive uses six-sided fastener heads, and the fastener is known as a hex head cap screw.

It can be turned with an adjustable wrench, combination wrench and 6- or point sockets. The hex drive is better than square drive for locations where surrounding obstacles limit wrenching access, because smaller wrench-swing arcs can still successfully rotate the fastener.

A pentagon screw drive uses five-sided fastener heads, and the fastener is known as a penta screw or penta bolt. It is designed to be intrinsically incompatible with many tools.

Since five is an odd number , it cannot be turned by open-end or adjustable wrenches , which have parallel faces and thus require a fastener with an even number of sides.

Moreover, it cannot be turned by typical consumer- and professional-grade socket drivers, which possess either six or twelve points neither of which are multiples of five.

Penta nut security fasteners also are available, which can only be driven by specialized five-sided socket drivers.

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